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John Schlitt Newsletter 10-01-2007

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – October 1, 2007 – John Schlitt, multi-Grammy winning recording artist and lead singer of Petra, announces the sampler release of his third solo project (as of yet untitled).

A montage of songs, complete with commentary by Schlitt, is available for download on JohnWSchlitt.com

“This album has gone in a totally different direction for me and I’m very excited about that new direction. The fact that my interests have changed as I grow older is reflected in this album,” said Schlitt.

“The subject matter on this project is just as important as the music,” explains Schlitt. “The songs cover a variety of adult-themed topics including adoption, divorce, taking care of third world children, among other issues of importance in today’s world. It’s timely for me to do an album like this; not only from the standpoint of the subject matter, but also in the fact that the music itself is going down a whole new path.”

The upcoming album has a unique family connection which contributed to the creative and emotional evolution of the project.

“My son-in-law, Dan Needham, produced the album,” adds Schlitt. “So, ultimately I felt a lot more comfortable going places subject-wise that were really personal to me. There were actually some moments during the process of recording when we all got choked up and had to stop. That was a new experience for me."

The project follows Schlitt’s previous two solo albums, “Shake” and “Unfit for Swine,” as well as “Vertical Expressions,” the 2007 debut release by “II Guys from Petra” (Schlitt, along with Petra founder Bob Hartman).

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