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John Schlitt Newsletter 10-18-2007

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Hi everybody!

Itís John again, and Iím in a pretty good mood! Itís been an exciting couple of weeks since the last time I talked with you. We finished the recording of my CD; itís called ďThe Grafting,Ē and will be out in stores sometime in January!

In addition to a new CD, I have a new management company called Fused Management. The managerís name is Ricky B. Rogers, who is a great guy (along with his partners), and I am very pleased with him. They really care about me and have really helped me get started on a solo career again. I see a lot of great things happening; half the time I donít know whatís going on because theyíre staying so busy that I can't keep up Ė and I love that!

Bob and I are having a bit of a slow time with our II Guys concerts, but Vertical Expressions may also be released with the same distribution as mine during the same time. This is unusual, but weíre real glad to be getting that out to make it more available to the folks that donít have it. More than likely you fanatics already have your copy! But for the ones that donít like to buy off the internet, Iím pretty excited about the fact that Vertical Expressions is going to be in the stores.

On the homefront, my family is healthy and doing well; my son Kris went on his long-awaited honeymoon. He just got back a couple of days ago and seems very happy, settling down into married life. My youngest son Krey got to go to Hawaii a while back -- and I got to stay here and work on wood. There's something wrong with this picture - I just canít figure this outÖ! I guess Iíll get to travel later as the CD gets out there.

Well, thanks for your patience - thanks for checking in and caring about me, and for your prayers. Please continue to do all these things, because I really appreciate it.

Until next time,

Ö John


This is Sue Dempster, John's booking agent & webmaster, and I'd like to add to what John has said about Ricky B. Rogers and Fused Management.

I have been in contact with Ricky almost daily, and he HAS been busy! He's been putting the pieces together in a wonderful plan to move John forward in his solo career, and to get "The Grafting" out there and on the air.

Soon you will begin to see some of the results of his hard work, with press releases, new photos, and a whole new outlook for John. Good things are on the horizon!

Fused Management's website is not quite done, but take a look at Fused Management to get an idea of what the company is all about.

Here's to new management and a new team - ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes to bring John to the place the Lord has ready for him!

Sue Dempster
Nova Productions

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