Audio Interviews
Dec. 5, 2013 -   [Right-click to download]
Mike Huckabee, host of "Huckabee" on FOX News Channel (FNC) and the radio program "The Huckabee Show" talk about John Schlitt's new CD, "The Christmas Project."
Nov. 19, 2013 -    [Right-click to download]
Mike at the Mic of ClassicChristian247.com talks with John Schlitt about "The Christmas Project", the song choices, and John's take on writing 'boring secular music.
Nov. 18, 2013 -    [Right-click to download]
Shaun Tabatt of Author Talks discusses the upcoming release of "The Christmas Project."
Oct. 23, 2013 -    [Right-click to download]
"Life Beats Radio" interviews John Schlitt as he shares his latest release, "The Greater Cause," his upcoming "The Christmas Project," and an intimate discussion about the dread of uncertainty in this life.
Aug. 3, 2013 -    [Right-click to download]
"On Faith's Edge" host Joe Taylor interviews John Schlitt as he shares some intimate, vulnerable and fun moments talking about his time with Head East, Petra and how he came to Christ. Discussion includes The Greater Cause and his upcoming Christmas album - and the best drummer in the world!
Oct. 26, 2012 -    [Right-click to download]
John Schlitt and Mike Huckabee, host of "Huckabee" on FOX News Channel (FNC) and the radio program "The Huckabee Show" discuss the state of America from a Christian perspective and it's future as the 2012 presidential election draws near. The song "Faith & Freedom" is featured.  Listen with YouTube
May 8, 2012 -    [Right-click to download]
Stevo Jeter and Stephen Christian of Static Radio, New Mexico's largest Christian rock station, have a hilarious time with John on the street date of "The Greater Cause."
May 4, 2012 -    [Right-click to download]
Ginger Beggs of "The Drive" 91.1FM KGPF talks with John "The Greater Cause," his early life with Petra and his family life.
Feb. 28, 2012 -    [Right-click to download]
David Yanez of Revmedia Network interviews John about the upcoming album, "The Greater Cause" at the NRB Convention in Nashville.
Nov. 11, 2011 -    [Right-click to download]
RetroSwitch Live talks with John about the progress of "The Greater Cause," Petra's final year, John's goal with the band, and advice for Christian artists.
Oct. 18, 2011 -    [Right-click to download]
Rick Tocquigny of Lifes Lessons BlogTalk Radio speaks with John about marriage and the importance of a good solid relationship, core values, a rock star's ego, the upcoming album, "The Greater Cause" and the possibility of a new wedding song!
Oct. 2, 2011 -    [Right-click to download]
KSET Talk Radio hosts Brian Bishop and Mike Pope discuss Petra's and John Schlitt's ministry along with their music, followed by a live interview with John on "Beyond the Riff." Listen as John talks about the reunion with Head East, his views on drinking, his new album "The Greater Cause"
and the political scene of today. (Download 90 minutes total, commercial free)
Aug. 9, 2011 -    [Right-click to download]
Sarah Harnisch of Family Life Radio speaks with John and "The Grafting" video producer Andrew Manzano, bringing words of encouragement to birth mothers and adoptive parents.
Aug. 8, 2011 -    [Right-click to download]
Sarah Harnisch of Family Life Radio speaks with John about adoption and his new video, "The Grafting," in addition to the origin of the song and insights about his family.
Aug. 8, 2011 -    [Right-click to download]
Pilgrim Radio, a network of 4 stations and 41 translators, talks with John about his early years with Petra and the inspiration for some of the classic radio hits.
July 21, 2011 -    [Right-click to download]
In this entertaining interview, Mike Rimmer of CrossRhythms.com in the UK talks with John about Kickstarter and the funding of his new CD, "The Greater Cause."
June 1, 2011 -    [Right-click to download]
Paul Edwards of The Paul Edwards Program on WLQV 1500 AM in Detroit, MI, talks with John about his new project with Kickstarter, his beginnings with Petra and John's take on Classic Petra.
Nov. 21, 2010 -    [Right-click to download]
John joined KSET Talk Radio hosts Brian Bishop and Rob Priest Sunday, Nov. 21 for 85 minutes of talk-time and music on "Beyond the Riff." "Beyond the Riff" is a totally different news talk program that looks at the history of Christian rock and metal, secular rock and metal, as well as cutting edge ministries.
Jan. 14, 2010 -    [Right-click to download]
Phil Kvamme of MCBI Radio talks about John's upcoming concert in the Twin Cities area and the Minnesota cold, plus catching up on John's musical life since their last interview.
April 24, 2009 -    [Right-click to download]
Top Rock, a one-hour radio special on CKZW 1650 AM, Montreal, Canada, speaks with John about his beginnings in music and Head East, his start and the end of Petra plus John's solo career. Translations are in French.
April 21, 2009 -    [Right-click to download]
Phil Kvamme of MCBI Radio talks with John in this insightful GMA interview, covering Christianity in India, the background of The Grafting, and the changing state of the economy and it's effects on music sales and production in America.
April 19, 2009 -    [Right-click to download Pt. 2]
The hilarity continues with Brian Mason of "The Brian Mason Show" and John cracking up with comedian John Morgan, aka "President George W. Bush." But watch out - George W. can preach it too!
April 19, 2009 -    [Right-click to download Pt. 1]
Join Brian Mason live on "The Brian Mason Show" along with John and his wife Dorla, who adds a unique perspective to the story of John's past, including tales of early Head East and Petra - all in a very entertaining and humorous way!
Jan. 21, 2009 -    [Right-click to download]
Chris & Emily from Family Life Radio in Phoenix discuss the Holy Spirit's work and correction in John's life, the importance of staying in God's Word, and his latest project, The Grafting.
Sept. 23, 2008  -    [Right-click to download]
Jim Raider of WORQ Radio in Green Bay, WI talks with John about his new project, "The Grafting," and the new direction in John's music and his concerts.
Sept. 5, 2008 -   [Right-click to download]
The Reach FM Morning Show in Ft. Lauderdale talks with John about his early Christian life before Petra, Bob's invitation to join the band, and the meaning behind the single "Face of God."
Aug. 12, 2008 -    [Right-click to download]
John talks with Steve Webb of The Original Lifespring Show about his pre-Petra life, II Guys from Petra, plus an explanation of John's mission statement and commentary on The Grafting songs.
Aug. 10, 2008 -    [Right-click to download]
Sonja Vaughn of KTLR 890 interviews John about The Grafting and how his experiences in the rock days of the past has influenced what he does today.
July 17, 2008 -    [Right-click to download]
Author Amy Hammond Hagberg of "Blog Talk Radio - God Unplugged" chats with John about his past and the spiritual warfare he has seen, both in his own life and in that of others, as well as sharing how to battle the enemy and the problems that arise in life because of Satan's attacks.
June 4, 2008 -    [Right-click to download]
Listen in as Mike Rimmer of RIMMERAMA, a radio show broadcast on Cross Rhythms in the UK, explores John's past with Head East, Petra and II Guys, his new CD and new band - plus a few well-timed jokes for good measure.
June 1, 2008 -    [Right-click to download]
Brian Mason of "The Brian Mason Show" visits with John in this entertaining and humorous interview, covering "The Grafting," John's family, and how he was on a first-name basis with the dean in his college days (and NOT because he was such a great student!).
March 30, 2008 -     [Right-click to download]
John Hudson of KLTY's New Music Cafe and John enjoy a lively conversation about his new album, "The Grafting," John's walk with the Lord, and how Mac computers have a mind of their own.
Jan. 22, 2008 -     [Right-click to download]
KVRK's  morning host Chris Goodwin talks with John in this funny and entertaining interview covering such topics as "The Grafting" and the family connection behind it, John's woodworking ability, and "Vertical Expressions" taking up space in Bob's garage.
Jan. 5, 2008 -     [Right-click to download]
Following a live rendition of "More Power To Ya" by II Guys from Petra, Jerry Bryant of Full Circle Jesus Music  talks with John and Bob about Petra's early beginnings at college and with Greg X. Volz, Bob's first meeting with John, and the inspiration behind "Grave Robber."
Sept. 6, 2007 -    [Right-click to download]
John relays how II Guys from Petra began because of a Canadian college's request for Bob to lead worship - and a WI promoter's desire for an acoustic concert from John. Host is Terry Vanveen of CHVN from Alberta, Canada.
Sept. 6, 2007 -    [Right-click to download]
CJOA of Thunder Bay, Ontario, speaks with John about the reasons for Petra's retirement, the changes in ministry and audience reaction to II Guys, John's description of a II Guys event, and an update on John's solo project.
March 26, 2007 -   [Right-click to download]
"The Family Friendly Morning Show with Doug & Kim" interviews John Schlitt and Bob Hartman (II Guys from Petra). Included in this humorous segment is a trip down Petra Memory Lane, audience (and hosts) stories and appreciations of the band, cuts off "Vertical Expressions," and the II Guys story.
Nov. 15, 2006 -   [Right-click to download]
Family Net Radio  interviews John.
Oct. 26, 2006 -    [Right-click to download]
John talks with eMerge about the Petra days and his passion for young people.
Oct. 12, 2006 -    [Right-click to download]
John talks about his life in music with eMerge and how living the "high life" almost cost him his real life. His compelling story includes his conversion to Christianity and how Jesus Christ literally saved his life and gave him purpose.
Oct. 4, 2005 -    [Right-click to download]
WAY-FM interviews John Schlitt just prior to the Petra video taping in Nashville, TN. The Petheads, the evening's upcoming taping, past Petra performances and John's future are covered. 
Nov. 2005 -    [Right-click to download]
Christian Music Rewind talks with John about the history of the band and the 'revolving door' era, including the time he almost called it quits, as well as a recap of the Farewell video taping and the retirement of Petra.
Oct. 18, 2003 -    [Right-click to download]
Petra performs live on ZJAM and offers up cuts off their current album, "Jekyll & Hyde," plus past hits, interviews, audience call-ins and more.
Aug. 23, 2003 -    [right-click to download]
Dr. Mark Muirhead of Around the World Radio speaks with Bob about the new album, "Jekyll & Hyde".  
July 4, 2003 -    [right-click to download]
Debi McMorrow of WCIC in Peoria, IL, takes a trip down memory lane with John, traveling from his life in Head East through his years with Petra and beyond.
June 19, 2003 -    [right-click to download]
WVFJ in Atlanta speaks with John about his life before Christ, a pop quiz on the 1980s and a few words on the upcoming album, "Jekyll & Hyde."
April 13, 2003 -    [right-click to download]
Dr. Mark Muirhead of Around the World Radio talks with John about the war in Iraq and the kids whose parents are in the military, the upcoming Petra album, and some interesting trivia about the early meeting of Greg X. Volz and John Schlitt.
April 13, 2002 -     [right-click to download]
Christian Rock.net interviews John Schlitt.
April 2, 2002 -    [right-click to download]
Petra sits down with "Today's Christian Music" to offer an "Unplugged" concert/broadcast.
March 1, 2002 - Ken Brooks of KGBI (Omaha, NE) speaks with John about the recent Petra personnel changes, "Revival" and the meaning behind "How Long."
Part 1 - 7 megs *wav format
Part 2 - 2 megs *wav format
Feb. 16, 2002 -     [right-click to download]
Rob Smith at WJYI in Milwaukee, WI talks with John - and gains a perspective on the past, the future, and finds out some answers to some rather unusual questions!
Feb. 14, 2002 -     [right-click to download]
Valentine's Day interview with Joe Buchanon of www.Radio91.com in Rockford, IL. John speaks of his wife, his family - and his Valentine's message - a sure-fire winner to please any spouse!
Feb. 6, 2002 -    [right-click to download]
Jim Raider of WORQ Radio in Green Bay, WI talks with John about Petra's latest release "Revival," John's history and Petra's future.
Dec. 8, 2001 -    [right-click to download]
Sue Dempster talks with Dorla Schlitt about her life with John.  Read more
Nov. 25, 2001 - 2nd Soul 2 Soul interview with John Schlitt & Bob Hartman on the upcoming release of "Revival"
Part 1 -  1.0 meg
Part 2 - 16.0 megs
Part 3 - 15.3 megs
Part 4 - 14.6 megs
Part 5 -  3.2 megs
Oct. 18, 2001 -    [right-click to download]
Scott Thunder of Today's Christian Music interviews John about the upcoming new release, "Revival."
Oct. 7, 2001 -  (Real Audio)
Hour-long interview by Calvary Chapel in Zanesville, Ohio, aired on WYBZ, a mainstream "oldies" station. John speaks of his life and history with Head East and Petra, plus the upcoming release of Revival.
February 25, 2001 -     [right-click to download]
Soul2Soul Radio interview. Read more
January 9, 2001 -     [right-click to download]
Sue Dempster asks John questions that came from the Petheads at http://www.thepetrazone.net/
Read more
Nov. 20, 1987 -     [right-click to download]
Foster Brown's "Love Talks" program at WCM Radio in Detroit, interviews Bob Hartman, Johnny Lawry, Mark Kelly, Louie Weaver and John Schlitt. Christian opposition to rock music, Petra's concert with the Beach Boys and Bob's high school days are covered, plus hard-hitting questions by Foster Brown and audience callers.
Aug. 25, 1986 -     [right-click to download]
WCM Radio in Detroit interviews Bob Hartman and new singer John Schlitt about Petra's new sound and their timeless message.