Text Interviews
Dec. 9, 2008
Lee's Summit Journal
Just John
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September 2008
Christian Living Magazine
John Schlitt - Living His Second Chance to the Fullest
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Aug. 27, 2008
Streetbrand Blog
John Schlitt talks about what it was like to get his exam results and what he went on to do with it - or in spite of it.
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July 2008
Christian Music Planet.com
Reconnecting With ... John Schlitt
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July 10, 2008
Soul Audio
With the recent dismantling of that legendary band and the subsequent release of Schlitt’s third solo project, The Grafting, Soul-Audio caught up with the rocker for a few moments to discuss his current projects as well as probe his thoughts about the past.
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June 5, 2008
Ron Hollywood's 10 Scale Reviews
John talks candidly with Ron Hollywood in this question/answer format, covering The Grafting, Farm Aid, Petra's Spinal Tap moment - and John's appearance in GQ!
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June 2008
The J Man Review
John Schlitt – the voice that carried Petra through 20 years of success – is back in the music making game with his third solo project, The Grafting.
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May 30, 2008
AOL News India
AOL caught up with the legend and exchanged a few words on his music, family and his plans for the future.
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May 12, 2008
Christianity Today
Catching Up With ... John Schlitt
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May 2008
Tracy Darlington talks with John in this in-depth and probing interview.
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Jan. 11, 2002
Crosswalk.com talks with John about the state of Christian music.  Read more
Dec. 8, 2001
Sue Dempster talks with Dorla Schlitt about her life with John.  Read more
Nov. 24, 2001
Soul2Soul Radio interview with John and Bob Hartman.  Read more
January 9, 2001
Sue Dempster asks John questions that came from the Petheads at http://www.thepetrazone.net/
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January 9, 2001
Sue Dempster talks with John about his life story.  Read more