Song Books

Double take     Download (122mb)
Petra Youth Choir - Just Reach Out

God Fixation    Download (103mb)


More Power To Ya - The Petra Devotional 


Petra Praise 2    Download pdf (87mb)


No Doubt     Download pdf (76mb)

Wake Up Call    Download pdf (73mb)

The Petra Anthology

War & Remembrance Songbook        Download pdf (30mb)

Unseen Power   Download pdf  (16mb)


Beyond Belief   Download pdf  (11mb)

Petra Praise 1    Download pdf (22mb)
On Fire!       Download pdf (95mb)
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This Means War Songbook    Download pdf (110mb)
Youth Choir Collection
Back To The Street
Not of this World/
Beat the System

Not of this World/Beat the System    Download pdf (118mb)


10th Anniversary Edition     Download pdf (159mb)