1995 Word Records

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Wake The Dead
Don't Look Back
Show Me The Way
Inside Of You
Let It Show
Carry The Burden
One By One
Try Understanding His Heart
The Hard Way
The Road To Calvary


Wake The Dead      top
John Schlitt, Mark Heimermann, Dann Huff
(Eph 4:18-19; Romans 10:14)

Wake the dead, wake the dead
Take up the call and carry His commission
Wake the dead, wake the dead
Don't be content and just walk away

Wake up!
There's a job to be done
You've got a calling that you haven't begun
For too long you've been coasting along
You think salvation is the end of it all
(The fields are ready but the workers few)
You're not heeding the call
(It's time the body starts to shout the news)
And wake the world up to God's invitation

[Chorus 1]
Wake the dead, wake the dead
Take up the call and carry His commission
Wake the dead, wake the dead
Don't be content and just walk away
There's too much to do to just walk away

Darkness blinds a new generation
Searching for its place
Banished by their own choice of living
From His shining grace
(But even with such hardened hearts)
God cares that they will be found
(He had a plan right from the start)
To break their chains by His testimony

[Chorus 2]
Wake the dead, wake the dead
Don't be complacent with your own salvation
Wake the dead, wake the dead
Got to lead the lost searching for their way

[Repeat Chorus 1]
[Repeat Chorus 2]


Don't Look Back      top
John Schlitt, Jim Cooper
(Luke 9:62; Matt. 8:22; I John 1:9)

Every morning as I look into the mirror
Yesterday's mistakes are so painfully clear
I could let them take me under,
Be a source of misery
Or I could understand the power
Of the blood that's shed for me

Often I'm reminded that there's nothing we can do
That would take away the sacrifice for me and you
So when you feel the guilt of the enemy's attack
Just know you've been forgiven and don't look back
(Don't look back)
Yesterday is over, today is a brand new day
(Don't look back)
It's not the answer, no it's not the way

You can't go forward when you keep looking back
How can you think about the future
When you're haunted by the past?
God don't want you to live like that
Put your hand to the plow and don't look back

I know the straight and narrow is the path that I should see
Yet I'm often tempted by the way it used to be
Seems like only good times keep flashing through my brain
But then I stop and I remember
The cost, all the pain
(Don't look back)
Those old temptations were never good for you
(Don't look back)
There's nothing there that can help you get through

Why do we dig up the old man
When there's so much ahead?
Why can't we do what Jesus said
And let the dead bury the dead?
(Don't look back)
Yesterday is over, today is a brand new day
(Don't look back)
It's not the answer, no it's not the way

[Chorus 2x's]


Show Me The Way        top
John Schlitt, Tommy Greer
(Psalms 27:11; Psalms 119:105; John 16:13-14)

Living in this space of time
I have to wonder where I'm going
Just who I am, what I'm supposed to be
Searching for that certain sign
That points me in the right direction
The path to take, the one that's right for me
Choices will come my way
But which ones to choose
Can't do it on my own
There's too much to lose

Take me, guide me, lead me
I'm trusting in You, Lord
Teach me and show me the way
Break me, love me, forgive me
I'm asking of You, Lord
Take me and show me the way

Knowing if I stand alone
I could never see the way that is meant for me
The life that we could share
Learning lessons I must know
From the source who has the answers of life itself
The one who really cares
In life there's so many turns, which way to go
When You're beside me, Lord, You're in control


I know for me You have the perfect plan
I know You had it before time began
Don't want to listen to what others say
Just show me the way



Inside Of You        top
Billy Luz Sprague, Mark Heimermann, Dann Huff; John Schlitt
(Romans 8:29-31; I Corinthians 7:7b)

As a child you used to dream
There wasn't anything that you couldn't do
Learn to fly on paper wings
But somebody told you dreams don't come true
Some settle for a lie and take it
And try to keep their hearts from breakin'
But you defy the odds
And make it worth the going through

Oh, inside of you there's a heart full of dreams
Like the gold in a stream to be uncovered
Inside of you lies a soul made to shine
Yes, a child meant to fly and discover
All the wonders God can do
Inside of you

Every day you face the fear
With a measure of faith that you need
And even now all heaven cheers
For the miracle you're destined to be
True bravery is bought with sorrow
Life is but a gift we borrow
And all the promise of tomorrow waits to be revealed

Where dreams can still come true
All the wonders God can do
Inside of you.


Let It Show       top
John Schlitt, Mark Heimermann, Dann Huff
(II Timothy 1:7-12; I Peter 2:12; Hebrews 13:5-6)

So many friends are being led about
(Down the path of life's deceptions)
You'd speak the truth but fear to let it out
(You don't want to face rejection)
No matter what the cost
You've got to let them know
The key to life you've found
You've got to let it show

Say you've been forgiven like the life you're livin'
Don't hold back just let it show
You've got to let it show
Even when they shake you
Really try to break you
That's the time to let it show
Let it show, let it show
Come on and let it show
You've gotta let it show, let it show

Some would say you're standing all alone
(They can't see who's there beside you)
But standing strong, commitment really shows
(Now they see what faith can lead to)
You've got to be the fire
That goes against the flow
You've got to let it shine
You've got to let it show



Carry The Burden       top
John Schlitt, Dann Huff, David Huff
(1 Peter 5:7; 1 Cor. 10:13)

Life, it's a race that keeps running
At each turn of the road
The direction to go you keep learning
At every junction there's another call
To make decisions that could change it all
Too many options to go alone
But you don't have to do it on your own
If you . . .

Let Jesus carry the burden
And remember His words that were spoken
Let Jesus carry the burden
Trusting in the price of the sacrifice
Shed for you

Are you a leader with a strong belief
Or are you one more in the crowd?
Do you live like you do 'cause your friends want you to
Or do you choose to stand out?
Don't let the pressures of the status quo
Force your walk into a danger zone
Cut through the bondage
Give Him the time
To guide your path to be a light that shines
If you . . .


When a problem you face starts to break you
If you lift it in prayer
Together you'll get through
Yes, He's faithful to always be there

No need to worry
You're not alone
Don't have to try to do it on your own
Just . . .



One By One        top
Joe Fair, John Schlitt, Rich Gootee
(Matthew 5:14-16; Psalms 119:130)

Lord, Your love turned my world around
Your words lifted me up as I was going down
But even now, as I stand tall and strong
There are so many more searching for where they belong

If I can reach just one
If I can touch just one
If I can help just one
One by one

One man could do so much
Sharing the life that he lives through God's loving touch
That light that shines from the mountain top
It is a beacon of strength and of hope
That no one can rob


He has given so much
Freely given so much
Don't hide your light in the dark
Just let it shine



Try Understanding His Heart       top
John Schlitt; Jim Cooper, Ronny Cates
(John 14:27; Romans 8:35-39)

So many memories, they color what you see
Try to forget, but they don't go away
Keep searching for escape
Some move that you can make
To help you make it through just one more day
Why do you try to make it all on your own?
Why can't you understand you're never alone?

Try understanding His heart
His love for you, it is never ending
Try understanding His heart
IT has for you enough mercy, grace
And strength for you to face it all
Understand His heart

You know you've made mistakes, you said it's way too late
Think now that no one cares, all your bridges are burned
Don't listen to those lies
Don't have to compromise
It's time you realize, there's so much to learn
Don't let your circumstances dictate the show
There is a better way
This you should know


With Him there is a strength to carry on
He paid the price, He sacrificed
His love is there for you
He wants to help you through

Now what you gonna do?
You know it's up to you
He wants to take command
And He's up for the fight
Don't try to run away
He has so much to say
It's what you need to hear
It'll change your life!



The Hard Way       top
Tom Wanca, Mark H. Chesshir
(John 3:16 15:13; Proverbs 3:12 16:6a)

I see the mountains and the valleys to cross
And I wonder am I able
My heart starts pounding as I cound the cost
Am I ready, will I be faithful
Sometimes it's so hard for me
To live the way I believe
But I will not forsake Him

[Chorus 1]
I know who I am
I know where I've been
I know sometimes love takes the hard way
There's no giving up
There's no giving in
I know sometimes love takes the hard way

His anguish echoed against a dark sky
All of heaven watched in silence
And from that mountain He looked through dim eyes
As the world mocked the Messiah
He crossed that valley alone
Exchanged His life for my soul
He would not forsake me

[Chorus 2]
I know who I am
I know where I've been
I know sometimes love takes the hard way
There's no turning back
There's no giving in
I know sometimes love takes the hard way

For now, forever, I take my stand
I place my whole life in Your hands

[Chorus 1] x2
[Chorus 2]


The Road To Calvary        top
Rich Gootee, John Schlitt, Jim Cooper
(Hebrews 12:2-3; Philippians 4:13, 19)

When your back's about to break
Underneath that heavy load
And you can't take one more step
On that rough and rocky road
When your burdens bring you to your knees
Think on Him on that road to Calvary

When your friends have turned away
And left you on your own
And you can't find your way back
Through the darkness all alone
When you want to give up and cry out,
"Lord, why me?"
Think of Him on that road to Calvary

On that road, He walked for you and me
On that road, through all the pain and misery
He knew when it was finished
We would have the victory
On that road, the road to Calvary

So if you find yourself out walking
Down a lonely, dead end street
Just remember there's a road
That leads to eternity
Waiting for all who would believe
Believe on Him on that road to Calvary



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